Why I write fanfiction

I began writing fan fiction in 2015, after I played the video game Dragon Age: Origins. The game inspired many “what if” scenarios in my mind that I felt I needed to write. I’ve since also been inspired to write stories for other fandoms, including Supernatural, Merlin, and Teen Wolf.

Here are a few examples of my works. My full list of works are on Archive of Our Own. Please mind all tags and warnings. Most of my stories contain sexually explicit content.

Fandom: Dragon age. Artist:

You Are My Heart

Fandom: Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dorian and Cullen share a first kiss before Dorian is pulled away by the Inquisitor on yet another mission. Cullen worries when the Inquisitor’s party is two weeks late coming back from that mission.

Full of Surprises

Fandom: Dragon Age: Origins

Alistair is faced with an arranged marriage to a woman he’s never met. It breaks his heart to have to do this because he’s deeply in love with Zevran, but the Ferelden King must try to produce an heir to secure the throne. His new bride proves to be full of surprises.

Second Chances

Fandom: Dragon Age 2

When faced with the possibility of losing Fenris forever, Anders mounts a rescue after Hawke betrays Fenris and gives the elf back to his former master.

I Love You

Fandom: Supernatural

Castiel finally tells Dean how he feels about him as he lays dying, but Dean doesn’t get it. At least not at first.

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