Dragon Age

These are my Dragon Age fan fiction stories and series. Dragon Age is the property of BioWare and Electronic Arts and I claim no rights to these characters, just the stories.

  • Captured
    Anders and Fenris get caught by slavers. What will they do to each other, left naked, manacled and alone in a slave pen outside of Kirkwall?
  • Cullrian Serenades
    • I Want to Know What Love is
      Cullen hears a beautiful song in a dream, and it spurs him to serenade Dorian.
    • Heaven
      Cullen hears another strange love song in the Fade and sings it to Dorian when he awakens.
    • Marry Me
      A year after his first serenade, Cullen hears another song in his dreams. This one is even more perfect for the timing of it.
  • Forever Yours
    • Forever Yours
      Cullen Rutherford is a newly promoted detective. Dorian Pavus is the spoiled son of billionaire Halward Pavus. When the two have an accidental run in, life gets more interesting for both of them.
    • Want
      Cullen shows Dorian how much he really wants him.
  • Full of Surprises
    Alistair is faced with an arranged marriage to a woman he’s never met. It breaks his heart to have to do this because he’s deeply in love with Zevran, but the Ferelden King must produce an heir to secure the throne. His new bride proves to be full of surprises.
  • Just the Three of Us
    This story is inspired by the romance option I would have liked to see in Dragon Age: Origins. What if the Warden was able to persuade both Alistair and Zevran to be in a relationship with her at the same time? Also, what if Alistair’s reaction to Zevran’s flirtations were more borne out of fear than disinterest? (F!Cousland/Alistair/Zevran)
  • Losing our Hearts’ Desire, Finding it Again in Each Other
    Fenris receives a letter from Varric, informing him of Hawke’s sacrifice in the Fade. Anders was no longer protected. It was time to finally put an end to the abomination. What Fenris finds when he catches up with the apostate throws all his plans for a loop.
  • Mi Salvador de Antiva
    Alistair was betrayed by his best friend, the so-called Hero of Ferelden, and found himself exiled from his homeland. Years later Zevran finds him nearly drop-dead drunk at the Hanged Man in Kirkwall, and he decides to intervene to help his old friend.
  • Taking Liberties
    Anders wants Fenris, and is presented with an opportunity to do something about it when he has to nurse Fenris after the elf recovers from some injuries. In other words, Anders is being a very, very naughty mage.
  • The Cat and the Peacock
    Anders gets caught by the Templars as he tries to make his way to Redcliff to join the rebel mages. Dorian happens to be on his way to Redcliff as well and comes to Anders aid.
  • The Trials of the Wolf
    • Necromancing the Wolf
      A “What-If” Fenris/Dorian pairing. What-if an unromanced Fenris decides to join the Inquisition? Could Fenris and Dorian ever get along? Rated M for smut in the final chapter. There aren’t a lot of Fenris/Dorian slashfics written, so I’d love some feedback on my take of this pairing. (Fenris/Dorian, Lavellen/Cullen)
    • Abduction of the Wolf
      This is the sequel to “Necromancing the Wolf.” With Corypheus defeated, Dorian and Fenris make their way together back to Minrathous with plans to introduce reforms in the Tevinter Imperium. Meanwhile, despite Denarious’ demise, some still desire to posses the lyrium branded elf for their own selfish purposes. Will Dorian and Fenris ever be able to find happiness together?
    • Revenge of the Wolf
      The Crows unrelenting hunt for Zevran led to the kidnapping and torture of Fenris, the death of Dorian Pavus’ mother and the kidnapping of his father. Fenris knows what it is to be hunted, to spend years running. He intends to help put a stop to the Crows once and for all.
  • You Are my Heart
    • You Are my Heart
      Dorian and Cullen share a first kiss before Dorian is pulled away by the Inquisitor on yet another mission. Cullen worries when the Inquisitor’s party is two weeks late coming back from that mission.
    • Cherish Him
      An assassin is sent to Skyhold to kill Cullen, and Dorian is too late to save him. Or is he?