Merlin (TV Series)

My Merlin Fan Fiction Series:

  • Bonds
    • Bonding
      Arthur and Merlin imprinted on each other from the moment they first met. After a year trying to deny it, Arthur goes to Gaius for advice on what to do.
    • Some Bonds are Never Broken
      Sequel to “Bonding.” Arthur arises after fifteen-hundred years. Merlin is grateful to have his Alpha returned, but is confused as to why Arthur has arisen when it doesn’t appear Albion is in need of him.
  • You Belong to Me
    Merlin was at the end of his rope. Having aged out of the foster care system, homeless and starving, he climbed the railing of the bridge, planning to end his miserable existence. That’s when Arthur Pendragon showed up and offered him an alternative.