How I Grieve

Everyone has opinions on just about everything, including how a person should grieve. Apparently, according to some people, I'm not grieving right. Clearly I must not have loved my husband because I'm not completely broken and despondant. I'm not running out and joining grief counseling groups or private counseling sessions. I tell these people that... Continue Reading →



On January 31, 2016 my husband lost his long battle with depression. I've spent a lot of time talking to many people about what happened. One thing that strikes me in all this is how completely surreal it all feels. The fact that I went from being happily married to a widow in far less... Continue Reading →

Why I Write

I write for many reasons, just as I have, and do, read for many reasons. The main reason, however, is an escape from reality. Now I am, for the most part, a very optimistic person. I see the bright side of most situations. However, I have always been surrounded by sadness in one form or... Continue Reading →

The Deepening Divide

It breaks my heart to see how divided people in the US are becoming over issues of race, gender, sexuality and other such topics. I was born and grew up in the 1970s and 80s. I saw a lot of progress being made towards people seeing each other as human beings. Looking at the individual... Continue Reading →

Dragon Age Obsession

I discovered Dragon Age a bit late. Six years late as a matter-of-fact. It all began with Electronic Arts offering Dragon Age: Origins for free last November. I downloaded it to take advantage of the offer, but didn't really think much about it. I was enjoying the newest World of Warcraft expansion and also still... Continue Reading →

A Solution for Bullying

Bullying and what to do about it has been a hot topic for awhile now. There are lots of anti-bullying campaigns, trying to educate kids and parents about why it's wrong to be a bully. I think in some cases we are getting a little extreme on the anti-bullying front, where in some cases a... Continue Reading →


Depression is insidious. It saps one of strength, motivation, and the ability to really do much of anything. For some it can even be painful, physically as well as emotionally. Personally I have only had to deal with what's known as "situational depression." Every now and again I find myself in a situation, that either... Continue Reading →

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