A New Year, A New Decade

I hadn't intended to leave this blog stagnant for over a year, yet here we are. The past year was eventful, which led me to not have the bandwidth to maintain my blogs. Since my last post, I survived five surgeries, lost one of my beloved dogs, and published my second novel. I also began... Continue Reading →

Becoming a Novelist

It seems I'm doing a lot of "becoming" lately, although in many ways these changes have been a long time coming. As I've mentioned before, I started writing fan fiction in 2015, which was also the same year I wrote my first novel during NaNoWriMo, Artifact of the Dawn. It's over two years later and... Continue Reading →

Career Advice

I think it's pretty clear now that just having a college degree, any college degree, is no longer enough to get a career started. Companies are being a lot more selective with who they hire, and why. This means that people who are considering a future career need to also be more selective. I don't... Continue Reading →

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