New Year Reflections

Time passes so fast sometimes. I blink and I realize it’s been far too long since I’ve updated this blog (sorry). I mentioned the upcoming vlog series back in August and that came and went without my promoting it here (really sorry).

I filmed and uploaded my 50th birthday countdown videos and hopefully if you’re reading this and follow me on YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook, you had a chance to see them, if you were interested. In case you missed all the posts and were interested to watch me ramble on about my fifty years on this planet, I put together a playlist of the series on my YouTube channel.

In my last blog, I also mentioned my Twitter suspension. They eventually lifted it, but Twitter never clarified what exactly I did to warrant the suspension. All they told me was if I violated their Terms of Service again, I would permanently lose my account. That wasn’t helpful at all. How can I avoid making another violation if I don’t know what the violation was?

So far, I haven’t had any more problems, but I am wary of what I post and retweet now. I don’t want to lose the account because my Kleineganz persona is my oldest social media persona.

I originally created it as my username on Friendster, back in the day. I had wanted to use Schatzi, Schatzilein, or Kleinegans, but all of those options were already taken on the platform. So, I opted for the misspelled Kleineganz, both because I thought it looked cool, and I liked the play on words the change from Gans (goose) to ganz (all/complete/whole) gave me.

Besides all that, I had a very productive year of writing (although you couldn’t tell looking at how neglected this blog is). I published two books in 2021. One was a collection of gay erotic short stories, called “Sweet & Dark.” Another was a novella that I originally posted on Amazon’s new serial story platform, Kindle Vella, and later republished as an ebook, called “Transcendent.”

I also just finished a new Kindle Vella story, “Suddenly, Omega,” which will also be republished as a novel in 2022. It’s a paranormal romance set in what’s popularly known as the omegaverse.

Looking forward to 2022, I am dusting off my old sci-fi manuscript “Artifact of the Dawn,” and plan to finish rewriting it. I hope to publish the story on Kindle Vella and then later as a novel through Amazon KDP. This will be my publishing model from now on. I will first release a story through Kindle Vella before publishing it as a novella or novel on Amazon. This will get me two revenue streams from the same story, as the audience for serialized fiction differs from that of book readers and my stories can easily appeal to both.

With all this original content I’m writing, you might wonder if I’m still working on any fanfiction. I have scaled back my fanfiction writing, but I do occasionally feel inspired. I have a handful of stories in progress that I haven’t posted yet (I want to make sure I complete them before I do), and in 2021 I did post 7 new stories. All my works can still be found on Archive of Our Own (AO3).

I wish you all a happy and prosperous new year!



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