This Blog is Maturing

Hey folks. Due to the changes going on over at Tumblr, I’ve decided I’m going to shut down my account there on or before December 17th. That means I’ll be moving some of my more mature fan art commissions to this blog. That means this blog will be flagged as “mature” (and I already started the process for that to happen).

There should be no shame in enjoying or sharing fan art or imagery that depicts nudity or mature language, and the fact that Tumblr is unilaterally removing content and accounts that post that sort of content is very upsetting. As long as such content is appropriately tagged in order to prevent children from viewing it and it does not depict anything illegal or nonconsensual, it should be allowed.

The fact that the internet is becoming more prudish by the day is very disheartening and I don’t know if there will be many safe places left for those of us who enjoy either producing or consuming such content. After fighting for decades for more body and sex positivity, it feels like we’re taking many steps backward right now.







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