My Fan Fictions

As of this post I have a total of 21 fan fictions written, 18 of which are complete and three that are still works-in-progress. My first attempt was a small filler piece for Sailormoon. I was re-reading the original Manga and I was struck with an idea of a missing scene or two that I wanted to write. So I did. I posted it online and I received fairly favorable reviews on the work. Soon after that I began my obsession with the video game Dragon Age and a couple of months later I got another idea, something that wasn’t possible to do in the game, so I thought I’d write a story about it.

So it went, I kept getting ideas, and I kept writing them down. Now here I am, quite a few months later, and I have written, to date, over 235,000 words across a total of 21 stories. One is novel length at over 65,000 words, and is still not yet complete. I’ve found in these months a passion for fiction writing I had no idea I possessed. I also discovered I seem to have at least a little bit of talent for it, if the positive comments and feedback have been any indication.

As I wrote in my previous post, I am planning to take this new found passion of mine and will be writing my first original sci-fi fantasy novel.

The difference between writing an entirely original work, and writing a fan fiction of an existing work, is in the details. I have to come up with my own original characters, with their own personality traits and back stories. I have to come up with the world they live in, their cultures, even their flora and fauna since the setting is not Earth. With fan fiction, all of that has already been created. As a fan fiction writer, I take well established characters and worlds and just write new, interesting scenarios for them. It’s a lot of fun and has helped me improve my writing a lot. I don’t plan to stop writing fan fiction any time soon either, but I am hoping to make a go at writing original novels as well.

If you would like to read through some of my fan fiction works, I have posted links to them all here.

Have you ever written a piece of fiction?

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