Dragon Age Obsession

I discovered Dragon Age a bit late. Six years late as a matter-of-fact. It all began with Electronic Arts offering Dragon Age: Origins for free last November. I downloaded it to take advantage of the offer, but didn’t really think much about it. I was enjoying the newest World of Warcraft expansion and also still leveling up a couple of characters in Aion as well. It wasn’t until a month or two later that I decided to give this Dragon Age a try.

At first it felt a bit slow, and Origins was definitely showing it’s age. I played a little bit here, a little bit there, not really feeling myself getting pulled into the story that much. Then something happened – I got to the Battle at Ostagar and saw an entire army of Grey Wardens get wiped out, due to the treachery of the King’s general. Now all of a sudden I took a greater interest in the game, I had to know what happens. Over time I also began to realize the depth of the character development in the game, and I discovered the possibility of romance options. That did it … I was hooked.

I played through Origins, moved on to Dragon Age 2 – and while I can understand some fans criticisms of that game, I honestly really enjoyed it. I romanced Anders in my play-through with a male Hawke, and I fully intend to replay it and romance Fenris next (I was just as torn between those two as I was between Alistair and Zevran in Origins). However I’m now playing through Inquisition. I started playing it on the PS4, because my husband took an interest and started playing it. I got about a third of the way into Inquisition on the PS4 before I gave up and got a copy for my PC instead. I honestly prefer PC gameplay over console and I just couldn’t continue (so poor Cullen will have to suffer unrequited love, as I’m going after Dorian in my PC play-through).

I honestly have never been so drawn in by a gaming story line or characters the way I’ve been drawn in by Dragon Age. It’s the only game I play now and I may even consider suspending my WoW subscription since I’ve halted my gameplay there as well. I still love WoW, but it certainly hasn’t drawn me in the way Dragon Age has. My heart has left Azeroth and now wholly belongs to Thedas now … 😉







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