Utopia? Dystopia? What's the best "topia"?!

I participate in a variety of chat rooms and forums, and I've seen numerous debates regarding the best socio-economic systems. Many are idealistic and favor utopian ideals, where the government provides everyone with all the basics for survival - a job, an apartment, a car, food, clothing, electricity, heat(in the winter), cooling (in the summer),... Continue Reading →

Designing a Dungeon Keeper Layout in Excel

I have been really enjoying the mobile Dungeon Keeper game, but I know my current dungeon layout has some inherent weaknesses when being attacked by other players. So I've set myself the task of digging out practically my entire dungeon (with the exception of 2 rows of the hardest rock around the periphery of the... Continue Reading →

Stand by your Man

The song "Stand by your Man" has been going through my head all morning. My husband recently left his good-paying job as an engineer at a well-known tech company, in order to devote more time to his start-up business, which he's kicked into high gear over the past few weeks. I've been doing my best... Continue Reading →

Women's Role in Society

In this day and age, you'd think that women's role in society would be more easily defined, but I still see evidence of people struggling to accept women, at least intellectually, as equal to men. The fact that some men, born and raised in the western world, would still hold outdated beliefs about a woman's... Continue Reading →

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