A Split Decision

So I've had my Kleineganz YouTube channel for over 2 years now. It started out simply as a vlog channel - originally as a countdown to my 40th birthday. That ultimately evolved into my "Random Thoughts on Thursdays" vlog series. At one point during that series I mentioned being a gamer and several of my... Continue Reading →

Getting Lost in Fantasy Worlds

Do you read fantasy books? My two favorite genres of books are Sci-Fi and Fantasy, and I think Fantasy being some of my most favorite (and Fantasy books that can find ways to incorporate elements ¬†of Sci-Fi, such as the Shannara and Amber series have done) are among my most favorite. I especially love sweeping,... Continue Reading →

Holiday Traditions

Everyone has different holiday traditions - based on everything from personal traditions, to family traditions and cultural traditions. I'm also saying "holiday" and not "Christmas" not to be politically correct either. There are quite a lot of holidays that all seem to happen in December - including: November 27 - December 5 (Hanukkah 2013) December... Continue Reading →


For the past few days I've had both a virtual, and literal, pain in my neck. The literal one has been building for several days, starting as a stiff neck last week, and getting progressively worse. I finally gave in and went to see my chiropractor about it today, but I may need another visit... Continue Reading →

Las Vegas Baby!!

By the time you're reading this, I'll be on my way to Las Vegas. I've been planning to celebrate my birthday in Las Vegas all year and finally I'm on my way! I've always enjoyed Las Vegas, despite not being a gambler. I enjoy the shows, the food and the nice hotels a lot. The... Continue Reading →

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