Dining Out or Staying In

My husband and I tend to not see eye-to-eye on this topic. He likes to go out. Every night. Before I met him, I would go out and eat maybe once or twice per month. Now we're eating out nearly every night, and have been for years now. Tonight I'd rather stay home. I have... Continue Reading →


My introduction to video games was very early. I don't recall what age I was, but I was probably somewhere between the age of 3 - 5, when my uncle introduced me to "Pong." It was a great game - simple enough that even at that young age, I could figure out how to play,... Continue Reading →

Doctor Who

For any of you who have watched my vlogs at all, you might know that I am a Doctor Who fan. For those who don't know this little tid-bit, you can see I'm a big enough fan to cos play as Doctor Who at Sci-Fi conventions (and no, the TARDIS isn't mine, although I wish... Continue Reading →

I Love the Holidays

I am one of those people who unabashedly loves the holiday season. Yes, I am an atheist and I realize it's weird to some people that I love Thanksgiving and Christmas, but you have to realize that I never celebrated them as religious holidays, even as a child. Despite the fact that my grandfather was... Continue Reading →

Night Owl

I have been a night owl for as long as I can remember. Even as a child, when I had an 8pm bedtime, I rarely ever fell asleep right away. I would spend endless nights counting to 1,000 or more. I also remember amusing myself by looking for faces in the patterns of my wallpaper,... Continue Reading →

A New Beginning

Today I thought I'd start something new with this site. I was just posting all my videos here and that was it, but I thought that was rather redundant. People could just as easily subscribe to my YouTube channel and be done with it. I will still be posting my videos here, but in sub-pages... Continue Reading →

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